I was born the youngest of six on Cape Cod in 1954 and was raised by wolves. After graduating with a BFA in Printmaking from R.I.S.D., I settled in Northampton, Massachusetts and raised a family while exhibiting my work locally and elsewhere, including New York City. My illustrations have been featured in The New Yorker, The Massachusetts Review, Pakn Treger and American Educator. My prints are included in collections at New York Public Library, Hampshire College and Wheaton College.

Though I identify as a printmaker, the necessity of isolation due to the pandemic aligned well with my desire to paint with oil and to work large. All of it has been daunting, but the time put in in preparation for my most recent show, November- December, 2020, has been incredibly rewarding in terms of lessons learned. I am completely hooked on oil paint, on its flexibility and vibrance. 

It has always been my intention to entertain, connecting pantings with small clues, such as distinctive shoes, lingerie, fires, and tiny figures. Some of my recent paintings have an audience of one, such as Pete’s View, done in memory of a friend who passed right before the pandemic hit. Others are long and careful love letters. Some are just farting around. One way or another, I need to work in collaboration with other artists, working  alone in my studio for months can only be half the story. 





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